Chapter 2. Yoga of Wisdom: Verse 1

Sanskrit Verse

सञ्जय उवाच |
तं तथा कृपयाविष्टमश्रुपूर्णाकुलेक्षणम् |
विषीदन्तमिदं वाक्यमुवाच मधुसूदन: ||


Sanjaya uvaacha
Tam tathaa kripayaavishtamashru-poornaakulekshanam
Visheedantamidam vaakyam-uvaacha madhusoodanah

English Translation

Sanjaya Said:
Madhusudana(Krishna) seeing the teary eyed, overwhelmed by distress, grief-stricken Arjuna thus said these words

Commentary & Explanation

The first chapter dealt with the despondency of Arjuna, it acts as the stage for Krishna to deliver his message of Gita in the following chapters, With the second chapter begin the actual teachings.

Arjuna's view is subjective, whereas (as we learn from this chapter) Krishna's view is objective in nature and both broader & deeper by quality. A man's quality is tested by the difficulty of circumstances he is put in, Arjuna is being tested by the prospect of war and destruction. The cloud of attachment has covered the light of his intelligence.

Compassion is an attribute of the courageous and clear minded, it is ridiculous of a coward or an indecisive man to call himself compassionate. 

Arjuna refers to Krishna as Madhusudana, Krishna is called Madhusudana for he had killed a demon named Madhu, Now Arjuna is pleading Krishna to kill the demon of doubt and depression that is troubling him.

Spiritual View: A spiritual aspirant after his initial attempts of spirituality gets disappointed, begins to doubt his practices of detachment, discipline and meditation. I am losing my valuable time which I could instead use for sense pleasures he laments.

A student usually goes to his Guru/ God to lament about his pain, He receives corrections through the instrument of his Guru or his own inner consciousness.



TamUnto him
KripayaCompassion; pity
PoornaFull of
VisheedantamGrief-stricken; lamenting
MadhusoodanaKiller of Demon Madhu (Krishna)