Chapter 1. Despondency of Arjuna: Verse 5

Sanskrit Verse

धृष्टकेतुश्चेकितान: काशिराजश्च वीर्यवान् |
पुरुजित्कुन्तिभोजश्च शैयश्च नरपुङ्गव: ||


Dhrishtaketush-chekitaanah kaashiraajashcha veeryavaan
purujit-kuntibhojashcha shaibyashcha nara-pungavah

English Translation

Dhṛiṣhṭaketu, Chekitana, the powerful Kashiraja. Purujit, Kuntibhoja and Shaibya, the great one among men.

Commentary & Explanation

Drishtaketu, Chekitana, King of Kashi (KashiRaja), Purujit, KuntiBhoja, Shaibya were also amongst the warriors in the Pandava army.

Drishtaketu, was the son of Shishupaala- a relative of Krishna killed by Krishna. Despite his father being killed by Krishna Drishtaketu was fighting for the side of Pandavas because of his mental clarity & adherence to righteousness. Drishtaketu means he who has clarity and courage (Drishta=Courageous, Ketu=intelligent/ shining/ clearness). He was killed by Drona in the battle.

Chekitana was a soldier of Vrishni clan, name Chekitana means awakened one, he who has remembrance of the past. He was killed by Duryodhana on the final day of the Mahabharata war.

Kashi Raja, was the king of Kashi, He was the father of Amba, Ambika & Ambalika who were married to Vichitraveerya the son of Shantanu (grand father of Kauravas & Pandavas), Kashi also means intelligence, brilliance. Kashi Raja symbolizes the power of discrimination.

Purujit was the brother of Kunti, the mother of Pandavas. The name Purujit means He who has won the city/fortress, symbolically it means he who has won over the sense driven body, he who can retract his senses back into himself and has extraordinary focus. He was killed by Drona in the battlefield.

Kuntibhoja was the adoptive father of Kunti- the mother of Pandavas, thus he was the grandfather of Pandavas. Name Kunti Bhoja means- He who takes care of Kunti or governs Kunti. Kunti symbolizes the life-force which provides spiritual powers to practitioners, KuntiBhoja symbolizes the right posture(Asana) which enables a yogi to gain those powers.

Shaibya was a legendary warrior and a popular hero in the contemporary society. Shiva means that which is Suspecious or Good. Shaibya mean he who adheres to Goodness, Shaibya symbolizes spiritual devotion to Guru, Sadhana and Scriptures.



DhrishtaketuDrishta=courageous; Ketu=intelligent, conscious; He was the son of Shishupaala
ChekitanaA soldier from Vrishni clan, awakened one
KashirajaKing of Kashi, Kashi=brilliance, intelligence; he who has gained intelligence
VeeryavaanValiant; virile
PurujitBrother of Kunti; Pura=fortress/city; Jit=winner/conqueror; Purujit=conqueror of the senses
KuntibhojaFather of Kunti; Kunti=Preetha=Mother of Pandavas; Bhoja=he who takes care of
ShaibyaA legendary warrior; Shiva=goodness; Shaivya/Shaibya=he who adheres to Goodness
Nara-pungavahBest of men