Chapter 1. Despondency of Arjuna: Verse 37

Sanskrit Verse

तस्मान्नार्हा वयं हन्तुं धार्तराष्ट्रान्स्वबान्धवान् |
स्वजनं हि कथं हत्वा सुखिन: स्याम माधव ||


Tasmaan-naarhaa vayam hantum dhaartaraashtraan-sa-baandhavaan
Sva-janam hi katham hatvaa sukhinah syaama maadhava

English Translation

Therefore it is not suitable for us to kill the sons of Dhritarashtra and our friends
How can we attain happiness by killing our own relatives, O Krishna?

Commentary & Explanation

Arjuna continues his argument by repeating on the same lines as previous verses.

If one emotionally strongly identifies oneself with an idea, he will start seeing the world through that. He will be biased towards that idea, he will even bend logic to justify his bent of mind, he will lack the rationality necessary for an unbiased view.

So is the case of Arjuna, his attachment to his Gurus, grandfathers and kinsmen has snatched his intellect away, he is unstable and unable to think properly.

Spiritual view: Similarly it is the case with a lazy meditator, he will procrastinate meditation, he will justify his need to indulge in sense pleasures, he will defend his habits rather than having a rational view at the situation and accept deficiencies with honesty, for only unbiased honesty leads to real spiritual progress.



TasmaatHence, therefore
ArhaahSuitable, deserving
HantumTo kill
DhaartaraahhtraanThe sons of Dhritarashtra
Sa-baandhavaanAlong with friends
HatvaaBy killing
SyaamaWill we become
MadhavaHusband of deity of fortune (Krishna), Descendant of Madhu (krishna)