Chapter 1. Despondency of Arjuna: Verse 29

Sanskrit Verse

सीदन्ति मम गात्राणि मुखं च परिशुष्यति |
वेपथुश्च शरीरे मे रोमहर्षश्च जायते ||


Seedanti mama gaatraani mukham cha parishushyati
vepathush-cha shareere me roma-harshash-cha jaayate

English Translation

My limbs are shaking, mouth is drying up
My whole body is shaking, bodily hair is standing on its end

Commentary & Explanation

Body and mind are very intricately linked, whenever the mind is disturbed because of fears, desires, disappointments, anxiety, stress body shows the signs.

An ordinary person's mind gets overwhelmed very easily, and his body suffers because of that all the time.

Even Arjuna, great as he was, was overcome with emotions at the onset of war. Though rare, such effects can be seen even among the advanced spiritual people.

For example, It can be seen in Sage Vasistha's life, he was considered as one of the greatest teachers in his own lifetime, even he after hearing the death of all his 100 sons tried to kill himself, but later picked himself up after the wave of strong emotions was gone.



SeedantiAre quivering, shaking
MukhamFace, mouth
ParishushyatiIs drying up
VepathuhShuddering, quivering
Roma-harshahHair standing on end; roma=hair; harshah=excited
JaayateHappening, taking place