Chapter 1. Despondency of Arjuna: Verse 24

Sanskrit Verse

सञ्जय उवाच |
एवमुक्तो हृषीकेशो गुडाकेशेन भारत |
सेनयोरुभयोर्मध्ये स्थापयित्वा रथोत्तमम् ||


Sanjaya uvaacha
evam-ukto hrisheekesho gudaakeshena bhaarata
senayor-ubhayor-madhye sthaapayitvaa rathottamam

English Translation

Sanjaya said: O Descendant of King Bharata (Dhritarashtra) having thus addressed by the conqueror of sleep(Arjun), Lord of the senses (Krishna) placed the magnificent chariot in the middle, between the two armies.

Commentary & Explanation

After being requested by Arjuna Krishna places the magnificent chariot (given to Arjuna by the deity Agni) in the middle, between the armies.

When a spiritually awakened person opens up, (s)he realizes both his(her) weaknesses and strengths, (s)he comes face to face with his(her) own short comings, the battle of good and evil becomes very much real within himself (herself). And thus in the Guidance of God & Gurus his spiritual battle begins.

Arjuna is referred to as Gudakesha, Gudakesha means 'he who has conquered sleep', he who has conquered restlessness, he who is 'ever-ready', and also he whose ignorance has been diminished.

Arjuna's mental state is equated to that of a Yogi who has lost even residual resistance to actions, of one who is close to self-realization and is ever ready to act. There is an interesting conversation in Yoga Vasistha between Lord Shiva and Sage Vasistha which talks of this ready mindset.

Sage Vasistha: Lord what is the best way to worship that supreme deity(Brahman)?

Lord Shiva: To live such a way that one is extremely contented, extremely renounced and extremely ready to act at the same time is the highest way to worship God.

- Nirvana Prakaranam(Liberation Section), Chapter 4- Worship of the Lord



HrishikeshaLord of the senses; Krishna
GudaakeshaHe who has conquered sleep (Arjuna)
BhaarataArjuna; Descendant of King of Bharata
MadhyeIn the midst, between