Chapter 1. Despondency of Arjuna: Verse 12

Sanskrit Verse

तस्य सञ्जनयन्हर्षं कुरुवृद्ध: पितामह: |
सिंहनादं विनद्योच्चै: शङ्खं दध्मौ प्रतापवान् ||


Tasya sanjanayan-harsham kuru-vriddhah pitaamahah
simha-naadam vinadyochchaih shankham dadhmau prataapavaan

English Translation

Increasing his(Duryodhana) joy, the grandsire of Kurus, the most powerful one- Bhishma blew his conchshell loudly resounding lion's roar

Commentary & Explanation

Duryodhana was restless, he had self-doubts and was infecting others with his fears. Drona had not yet replied to Duryodhana. Seeing Duryodhana's confused state, and to cheer up the Kaurava squads Bhishma makes a reverberating Lion's roar with his conch-shell.

Lion's roar is the sound usually a victor makes on the battle field at the end, or those who are high spirited and looking forward to the battle make. Bhishma thus resting Duryodhana's doubts that Bhishma may not fight full-hearted against Pandavas (who are dear to him) makes an affirming sound.

Seeing their commander in-chief in high spirits lifted the spirits of entire army. Placing right people in high positions results in the benefit of all. It makes the system efficient and more productive.



SimhanaadamLion's Roar; Simha=Lion; Naadam=Sound
UchchaihUpward, loud
DadhmauBlow, sound
HarshamHappiness, joy
Kuru-vriddhahOldest of the Kurus; Vriddha=Mature
PitaamahahGrand father; Pita=father; Maha=great
PrataapavaanPowerful one